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About The Misswezahging Development Corporation – MDC

What We Do

The Messwezahgning Development Corporation was incorporated in February 1997 as a non-profit organization. The Corporation was established to promote and create economic development opportunities for the community of Mississauga First Nation and it’s members.

The Corporation’s mandate is to help and assist in the creation of possible business ventures for the individual and the community as a whole. The main thrusts is the commercial and industrial development within the First Nation boundaries.

The corporation will assist any individual who is looking to start an new business, needs training, or needs help accessing other organizations who may be able to help in their venture.

The Corporation has Memorandum of Understanding’s with the Mississauga First Nation for the private properties within the land claim area. These properties are managed by the Corporation and is responsible for tenant occupation and the maintenance of them.

The Corporation is also responsible for implementing projects for the community such as, just to name a few,:

• Chiblow Lake Lodge
• Mississauga Sports/Cultural Complex
• Participation on other Boards and Committees
• Access funding for small projects
• Access funding for training positions

Who We Are

The Misswezahging Development Corporation presently consists of six (6) board members. Four (4) members are voted in by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting held each year. The two remaining seats are filled by appointment by the Mississagi Trust and Chief & Council.

Each term for the four (4) board members are for a duration of two years. Presently the six board members are:

• Mr. Perry Joe Boyer – Chairperson
• Ms. Ruth Bobiwash – Treasurer
• Ms. Sandra Bowness – Secretary
• Mr. Raymond Morningstar
• Mr. Bob Chiblow ( C&C rep. )
• Mr. Glen Morningstar ( Trust rep. )

The Board of Director’s holds an Annual Planning Session at the beginning of each year in January. This Planning Session is to outline the coming year with short and long term goals. In 2009 the Board of Director’s accepted and identified their work plan with the following items:

1) Rebuilding of Chiblow Lake Lodge
2) Industrial Park
3) Develop Incubator Model
4) Arts & Crafts Co-op
5) Forestry Company

Finally, the Corporation is managed on a daily basis by the General Manager, Wilma Bissaillon. At present she is the only permanent employee of the Corporation. All other employees are employed through program funding (i.e. provincial/federal programs).

The Corporation’s office is located at:

64 Park Road
Mississauga First Nation

And can be reached by the following:

Phone (705) 356-1621 extension 2223/2216
P.O. Box 310
Blind River, Ontario P0R 1B0
or by e-mail:

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Did You Know…

Did You Know…

That Sault Ste Marie, Ontario which is 130 kilometres from the Old Mine Road Industrial Park is home to Essar Steel Algoma Inc., which is the 3rd largest producer of steel in Canada?

Producing an astounding 2.4 million tonnes of steel per annum, this plant produces a myriad of steel products that is shipped to ports located on the Great Lakes such as Chicago and Pittsburg.

Essar Steel Algoma provides steel products to companies worldwide!

Contact Us Today!

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Phone: 1-705-356-1621 ext 2223

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